Inclusive Economy

We need inclusive economies to address global risks posed by economic inequality and poverty. Rising to national and global challenges requires more than just growth accruing to powerful private interests and more than tax and transfer policies alone can provide. It requires economies to produce fair and just market outcomes on their own. This work stream is about such a vision. FES New York works with economic experts in academic, civil society and international organizations as well as with policymakers in governments toward progressive global economic transformation.

Our latest Events

Wednesday, 12.06.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

Towards a Barrier-Free Inclusive Society for PWDs

How can we ensure that persons with disabilities have the same socio-economic opportunities as everyone else?

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Wednesday, 17.04.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

How Far Have We Moved Forward on Debt Sustainability?

Innovative mechanisms are needed to meet increasing debt challenges.

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Tuesday, 16.04.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

The Future of Work and Job Creation

It has been estimated that, over the coming decades, a large portion of all current jobs will either change significantly or disappear entirely.

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Our latest Publications

  • | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Publication

    VIDEO: Helen Mudora on Social Protection and Development

    Helen Mudora (Program Manager, Partnerships and Networks at Africa Platform for Social Protection) stopped by FESNY to talk about civil society...

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  • | Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Publication

    Fair Play in World Trade

    Trade policy must not be an end in itself, but has to serve broader, fair and democratic objectives.

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  • | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Publication

    "The 2030 Agenda: An Unprecedented Statistical Challenge"

    The 2030 measurement framework presents challenges and possible unintended consequences for countries, their statistical systems and the broader...

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  • | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Publication

    2018 Financial Impact Report: "Are the Multilateral Organizations Fighting Inequality?"

    2018 policies of the IMF and World Bank show some improvements in reducing inequalities, but more work remains to be done.

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  • | Inclusive Economy, Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    "Reforming Bank Governance: 'Top-Down' Reform and Bank Resistance"

    Looking back at the failure of reforms since 2008, this paper proposes ways in which “regulation from below” by engaged and empowered bank workers can...

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  • | Inclusive Economy, Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    "Tipping the Balance: Collective Action by Finance Workers Creates 'Regulation From Below'"

    Instead of relying on legal and supervisory systems to take on the entire task of financial regulation “from above”, this paper argues that employees...

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