2030 Agenda

The agreement in September 2015 by all 193 UN Member States on the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development was a political success: Unlike the previous framework, the Millennium Development Goals, development is now seen as a process that challenges all countries and societies. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an agenda of globally interconnected ambitions with regards to social and economic development, human rights, environmental sustainability, and peace and security. How to put the 17 SDGs and 169 targets in practice – and how to measure progress – will be the next political struggle at the UN and on the national level. FES New York works with its partners in New York and globally to make the Agenda 2030, as well as other international agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord a part of their own progressive, transformative politics.

Our latest Events

Friday, 14.02.20 | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Event

Civil Society Forum 2020

The message is clear: We need global, multisectoral and comprehensive action to end homelessness.

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Thursday, 12.12.19 to Friday, 13.12.19 | Inclusive Economy, 2030 Agenda | Event

Enhancing Financing for Sustainable Development (FSD)

The year 2020 offers several opportunities for consolidating political will to enhance action for financing sustainable development.

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Monday, 04.11.19 to Friday, 08.11.19 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

Fall Academy 2019

We need young leaders to achieve the SDGs!


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Our latest Publications

  • | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Publication

    Strong Labour Market Institutions

    The 2019 FES/ITUC Policy Research Fellow finds World Bank and IMF lending fails to adequately support UN goals on decent work and equity.

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  • | Inclusive Economy, Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    COVID-19 as a wake-up call: Social protection systems for all

    Shahra Razavi expertly narrates how the current crisis is affecting social protection systems worldwide and what must be done to "build back better."

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  • 15.05.2020 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    MACROSCOPE: Forging a Feminist Future in the COVID-19 Recovery

    A feminist response must address four key areas: bodily autonomy, ecological sustainability, the care economy, and just financial flows.

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  • | Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    Global Quarantine X

    International cooperation is under pressure in the corona pandemic. The G20, UN and IMF are bucking the trend.

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  • | Multilateralism 4.0 | Publication

    Overwhelming public support for global cooperation

    95% of respondents to a recent UN study agreed that global cooperation is necessary to manage global trends.

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  • | Sustaining Peace | Publication

    'People of all countries want a world without nuclear weapons'

    The outdated dogma of nuclear deterrence and other means of achieving security.

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