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Pelz, Timo; Lehmann, Volker

The evolution of UN peacekeeping (1)

hybrid missions
New, 2007

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Platz, Daniel; Schroeder, Frank

Moving beyond the privatization debate

different approaches to financing water and electrocity in developing countries
Berlin, 2007

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Murthy, Changavalli Siva Rama

The U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee

an institutional analysis
Berlin, 2007

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Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Griffith-Jones, Stephany

Growth with responsibility in a globalized world

findings of the Shadow G-8
Berlin, 2007

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Möller, Christian

Reforming UN environmental governance

Christian Möller. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2007. - 320 KB, PDF-File. - (Dialogue on globalization
New, 2007

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Lehmann, Volker

Report discussion on Coherence Panel Report

december 6, 2006 ; debate on UN system-wide coherence panel report: "Delivering as One"
Berlin, 2007

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Hackmann, Christina

Economic and human development of emerging economies

Christina Hackmann. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2007. - 356 KB, PDF-File. - (Dialogue on globalization
Berlin, 2007

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Murithi, Tim

Between paternalism and hybrid partnership

the emerging UN and Africa relationship in peace operations
Berlin, 2007

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Lehmann, Volker

Special representatives of the United Nations Secretary-General

Volker Lehmann. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2007. - 335 KB, PDF-File. - (Dialogue on globalization
New, 2007

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Weiss, Thomas G.; Hoffman, Peter J.

[A priority agenda for the next UN secretary-general

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  • Wednesday, 08.05.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Towards a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East

    Since 2015 the discussions among regional experts on a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East with their extra-regional counterparts have been unproductive.

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  • Tuesday, 07.05.19 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Addressing Multilateralism in Crisis

    Topics covered at this side event include prospects for a successful NPT Review Conference, the Secretary-General’s 2018 report on disarmament, the...

    more information

  • Friday, 03.05.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Bridge Building in the Nuclear Disarmament Discourse

    While there is a growing consensus among civil society and States of the need for bridge building within the NPT on the issue of nuclear disarmament,...

    more information

  • | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Webcast: "Der Draht zum Rat" #2 - Germany's Presidency on the Security Council w/ Dr. Sarah Taylor

    This edition of the FES NY conference series "Der Draht zum Rat" looked back at the month of April, during which Germany held the presidency of the UN...

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  • Thursday, 18.04.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Investing in Governance

    In many countries, weak governance fuels violence and insecurity. And improved governance can play an essential role in sustaining peace and...

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  • Wednesday, 17.04.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

    How Far Have We Moved Forward on Debt Sustainability?

    Innovative mechanisms are needed to meet increasing debt challenges.

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  • Tuesday, 16.04.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

    The Future of Work and Job Creation

    It has been estimated that, over the coming decades, a large portion of all current jobs will either change significantly or disappear entirely.

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  • Saturday, 13.04.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

    International Tax Policy at a Critical Juncture

    The way forward for international tax policy requires consensus. Negotiators should seek sustainable solutions based on clear and appropriate...

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