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Burke, Sara

The Doha declaration and development: what are the next steps?

Financing for Development Doha Review Conference, 30 November - 2 December, 2008
Berlin, 2009

Download publication (170 KB, PDF-File)

Hell, Stephanie

The response of the United Nations to the global financial crisis

Stephanie Hell. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2008<
New, 2008

Download publication (330 KB, PDF-File)

Ajayi, Titilope

The UN, the AU and ECOWAS

a triangle for peace and security in West Africa?
Berlin, 2008

Download publication (200 KB, PDF-File)

Rude, Christopher

The global financial crisis

what needs to be done?
New, 2008

Download publication (320 KB, PDF-File)

Schultz, Nancy; Lehmann, Volker

The capital master plan to renovate the UN headquarters

Nancy Schultz & Volker Lehmann. - New York : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2008<
New, 2008

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Thakur, Ramesh; Boulden, Jane; Weiss, Thomas G.

Can the NPT regime be fixed or should it be abandoned?

Ramesh Thakur, Jane Boulden amd Thomas G. Weiss. - Berlin [u.a.] : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung [u.a.], 2008<
Berlin, 2008

Download publication (3,4 MB PDF-File)

Lehmann, Volker

"The relationship between Africa and the UN

from disenchantment to a more effective cooperation" ; conference report, Tarrytown, New York, June 20-21,2008
New, 2008

Download publication (220 KB, PDF-File)

Paul, James A.; Wahlberg, Katarina

A new era of world hunger?

the global food crisis analyzed
Berlin, 2008

Download publication (980 KB, PDF-File)

Elson, Anthony

"IMF reform from another angle - towards a more responsive and responsible fund"

meeting report, Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, June 2, 2008
Berlin, 2008

Download publication (190 KB, PDF-File)

Schroeder, Frank

Asian perspectives on the future role of the IMF

meeting report
Berlin, 2008, 2009-

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

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    New Alliances for Meaningful Human Control

    Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) pose a danger to us all. How can we curb them?

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    Good Global Citizens

    Check out our new initiative on wealth transparency and responsible tax conduct.

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    UNited for a New Multilateralism

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    FES New York 2020 Virtual Fall Academy

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    Tiergarten Conference 2020

    How can we achieve cooperative security in times of heightened confrontation?

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