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Ocampo Gaviria , José Antonio

Contribuciones de la Agenda de Acción de Addis Ababa a la Agenda 2030

Hacia una nueva era de la cooperación internacional
Buenos, 2017

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Guzman, Martin; Stiglitz, Joseph E.

A soft law mechanism for sovereign debt restructuring

based on the UN principles
Berlin, 2016

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Hearn, Sarah

Nachhaltigen Frieden schaffen

das radikale Potenzial von Ziel 16 der globalen Ziele für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
Berlin, 2016

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Conca, Ken

Rights and environmental protection following Paris and the SDGs

towards a stronger role for the United Nations
Berlin, 2016

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Hearn, Sarah

How to achieve sustainable peace

the radical potential of implementing UN Sustainable Development Goal 16
Berlin, 2016

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Ocampo Gaviria , José Antonio

The contribution of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda to Agenda 2030

toward a new era of international cooperation
Berlin, 2016

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Conceptualizing protest and conflict

report from an interdisciplinary conference exploring how governments and institutions of global governance can better respond to contentious politics
Berlin, 2015

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Lehmann, Volker

Ban Ki-moon successor

a democratic UN starts with a democratic election of its leader
New, 2015

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Ribeiro Pereira, Laura

What's peace got to do with it?

Advocating peace in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda
Berlin, 2014

Download publication (160 KB, PDF-File)

Herman, Barry

An urgent need for clarity

on the post-2015 development agenda and financing for development
Berlin, 2014

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  • Tuesday, 16.07.19 | 2030 Agenda, Sustaining Peace | Event

    Breaking Silos: SDG 16, Gender and Land-Related SDGs

    Access to land, water and extractives is among the key risk areas for violent conflict.

    more information

  • Thursday, 11.07.19 | 2030 Agenda | Event

    Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2019

    Four years after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda the world is off-track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    more information

  • Wednesday, 10.07.19 | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Event

    Inequality & the 1%

    Income and wealth inequality run rampant across the globe. How can we move towards a new fiscal compact for sustainable development?

    more information

  • Monday, 17.06.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Challenges for Peace in Mali

    What do the Malians think about the multidimensional crisis facing the country?

    more information

  • Wednesday, 12.06.19 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Dialogue on Global Security, Justice, and Economic Institutions

    Improving today's global security, justice, and economic architecture requires fresh ideas and perspectives.

    more information

  • Wednesday, 12.06.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

    Towards a Barrier-Free Inclusive Society

    How can we ensure that persons with disabilities have the same socio-economic opportunities as everyone else?

    more information

  • Wednesday, 08.05.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Towards a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East

    Since 2015 the discussions among regional experts on a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East with their extra-regional counterparts have been unproductive.

    more information

  • Tuesday, 07.05.19 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Addressing Multilateralism in Crisis

    Topics covered at this side event include prospects for a successful NPT Review Conference, the Secretary-General’s 2018 report on disarmament, the...

    more information

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