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Galis, Tibi; Mayerhofer, Jack

Damit "Nie wieder" Wirklichkeit wird

Deutschlands Rolle im UN-Sicherheitsrat bei der Prävention von Massenverbrechen
Berlin, 2018

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Galis, Tibi; Mayerhofer, Jack

Making "never again" a reality

What Germany can contribute during its next term in the Security Council toward preventing mass atrocities
New, 2018

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Griesgraber, Jo Marie; Martin, Matthew

Are the multilateral organizations fighting inequality?

2018 financial impact report on IMF and World Bank
Berlin, 2018

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MacFeely, Steve

The 2030 agenda

An unprecedented statistical challenge
Berlin, 2018

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Tipping the balance

Collective action by finance workers creates "Regulation from below"
Berlin, 2018

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Stanley, Marcus

Reforming bank governance

"Top-Down" reform and bank resistance
Berlin, 2018

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Gowan, Richard

Der heiße Stuhl

Was kann Deutschland im Sicherheitsrat erreichen?
Berlin, 2018

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Gowan, Richard

In the hot seat

What can Germany achieve in the Security Council?
New, 2018

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Peters, Sanjay; Pintus, Patrick

Infrastructure investments

A broad-based policy tool for equitable and sustainable growth
New, 2018

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Caballero-Anthony, Mely

Security in times of uncertainty in Asia

Bringing the state back in?
Berlin, 2018

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  • Thursday, 14.02.19 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0, Inclusive Economy | Event

    "Multilateralism as an essential tool to reduce inequality within and among countries (SDG 10)"

    International rules and global economic governance arrangements should be changed to counteract increasing inequality within and among countries.

    more information

  • Sunday, 09.12.18 to Monday, 10.12.18 | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    UN Member States advance the agenda for Financing Sustainable Development

    In a 2-day retreat, governments prepared to chart the way forward amidst an increasingly challenging global economy.

    more information

  • Tuesday, 04.12.18 | Sustaining Peace, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Launch Event: "Making 'Never Again' a Reality"

    Germany's term on the Security Council brings both an opportunity and an obligation to honor its history by advancing atrocity prevention.

    more information

  • Monday, 05.11.18 to Tuesday, 06.11.18 | 2030 Agenda, Inclusive Economy | Event

    "Global Trade Union Strategy Meeting"

    FES New York and PSI teamed-up to host a Global Trade Union Strategy Meeting in preparation of key UN summits in 2019.

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  • Wednesday, 24.10.18 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    "Fostering inclusion to build resilient societies"

    Women's meaningful inclusion and participation in peace processes is critical to the establishment of sustainable peace and resilient societies.

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  • Monday, 22.10.18 to Friday, 26.10.18 | 2030 Agenda | Event

    FES New York 2018 Fall Academy

    The 2030 Agenda needs young leaders from across the globe to push it forward and make it a reality.

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  • Monday, 15.10.18 | 2030 Agenda, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    "UN2020 Information, Organization and Strategy Meeting Responding to Multilateralism in Crisis"

    The upcoming 75th anniversary of the UN provides an opportunity to renew momentum for a more "people-centered" multilateralism, both inside and...

    more information

  • Monday, 15.10.18 | Sustaining Peace, Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Victim Assistance and Environmental Remediation in States and Territories Affected by Nuclear Weapons Testing in the Pacific

    Nuclear weapons use, testing, development and production have caused multi-generational human harm and persistent environmental damage that pose a...

    more information

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