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New, 2019

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Reinhardt, Dieter

A global common good

Improving financing for UN humanitarian aid
New, 2019

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Reinhardt, Dieter

Finanzierung der humanitären UN-Hilfe

Konflikt zwischen Partikularinteressen und Global-Common-Politik
Berlin, 2019

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Kane, Angela

Between aspiration and reality

Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons
Berlin, 2019

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Galis, Tibi; Mayerhofer, Jack

Damit "Nie wieder" Wirklichkeit wird

Deutschlands Rolle im UN-Sicherheitsrat bei der Prävention von Massenverbrechen
Berlin, 2018

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Galis, Tibi; Mayerhofer, Jack

Making "never again" a reality

What Germany can contribute during its next term in the Security Council toward preventing mass atrocities
New, 2018

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Griesgraber, Jo Marie; Martin, Matthew

Are the multilateral organizations fighting inequality?

2018 financial impact report on IMF and World Bank
Berlin, 2018

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MacFeely, Steve

The 2030 agenda

An unprecedented statistical challenge
Berlin, 2018

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Tipping the balance

Collective action by finance workers creates "Regulation from below"
Berlin, 2018

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Stanley, Marcus

Reforming bank governance

"Top-Down" reform and bank resistance
Berlin, 2018

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  • Monday, 17.06.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Challenges for Peace in Mali

    What do the Malians think about the multidimensional crisis facing the country?

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  • Wednesday, 12.06.19 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    GPD on Global Security, Justice, and Economic Institutions

    Improving today's global security, justice, and economic architecture requires fresh ideas and perspectives.

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  • Wednesday, 12.06.19 | Inclusive Economy | Event

    Towards a Barrier-Free Inclusive Society for PWDs

    How can we ensure that persons with disabilities have the same socio-economic opportunities as everyone else?

    more information

  • Wednesday, 08.05.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Towards a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East

    Since 2015 the discussions among regional experts on a WMD-free Zone in the Middle East with their extra-regional counterparts have been unproductive.

    more information

  • Tuesday, 07.05.19 | Multilateralism 4.0 | Event

    Addressing Multilateralism in Crisis

    Topics covered at this side event include prospects for a successful NPT Review Conference, the Secretary-General’s 2018 report on disarmament, the...

    more information

  • Friday, 03.05.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Bridge Building in the Nuclear Disarmament Discourse

    While there is a growing consensus among civil society and States of the need for bridge building within the NPT on the issue of nuclear disarmament,...

    more information

  • | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Webcast: "Der Draht zum Rat" #2 - Germany's Presidency on the Security Council w/ Dr. Sarah Taylor

    This edition of the FES NY conference series "Der Draht zum Rat" looked back at the month of April, during which Germany held the presidency of the UN...

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  • Thursday, 18.04.19 | Sustaining Peace | Event

    Investing in Governance

    In many countries, weak governance fuels violence and insecurity. And improved governance can play an essential role in sustaining peace and...

    more information

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