Tuesday, 19.11.19

Global Policy Dialogue on Economic Institutions

FES and partners brought together a distinguished group of international decision-makers and experts to discuss much-needed reforms to global economic governance.

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“A Better Framework for Global Economic Governance: Toward an action agenda for multilateral reforms” | November 19, 2019 | World Bank | Washington, D.C.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Stimson Center and World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, organized a global policy roundtable on how to create "A Better Framework for Global Economic Governance: Toward an action agenda for multilateral reforms", which was hosted by the office of the German Executive Director to the World Bank. 

Brought together by shared concerns about decelerating international trade, increasing financialization and rising inequalities, as well as whether economies are producing outcomes that most people recognize as fair, the roundtable included experts in the fields of international cooperation, trade and macroeconomics from the Bank, Fund, academic institutions and think tanks. In addition, keynotes from former Prime Ministers from Belgium and Tunisia provided unique insights into the relationship between national governments and the international financial institutions.

Discussion focused on reforms critical to strengthen the institutions and system of global economic governance. Among the target audiences for the dialogue’s recommendations are the Annual and Spring Meetings of the World Bank-IMF, the Ministerial Conference of the WTO, and the September 2020 UN 75 Leaders’ Summit in New York. The report is expected in January 2020.

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